Since you’re reading this article, it means that you’re very much interested in online sports betting. And we can’t blame you – this is a very fun hobby to have. If you’re smart with your bets, it means that you can make some money on the side. That being said, there are many online sports bookies whose services you can use. This article will share some information with you about the top US sportsbooks. If you want to know some more about the best bookies in the United States of America, then your best bet is to read the rest of this article.

William Hill: Home of betting now in the US

William Hill is a staple name in online sports betting. Ask anyone that you know that places wagers on sports events and chances are that they will be able to tell you all about William Hill. Millions of people have used this platform’s betting services. And with good reason – it’s one of the best bookies out there.

We’ll begin with the bonuses. Online sports bettors are known for being a bit spoiled in terms of getting bonuses. They are getting quite used to this because of the fact that most sports bookies offer some kinds of rewards – especially for the newer players. Well, William Hill offers some great bonuses, too. First of all, you will get 3 bets of $10 if you deposit and wager just $10. Then you will also have the benefits of getting enhanced odds for various sports markets. And this happens every day at William Hill for different sports – just follow the yellow arrow. Then you can get $100,000 if you bet on 7 pre-selected horse races and guess the winners in all of them. Moreover, if there is no winner – then the person that gets closest to winning this prize will be rewarded with $1,000.

And we can’t really say anything bad about the sports coverage. There are many different sports available to the players for them to bet on. You can check out the full list of available sports on the platform.

The customer support team at William Hill is always at the ready if you ever need assistance on anything on the website. They will be glad to assist you with all of your potential problems. You can contact them by phone, live chat, or email. And we believe that we have covered many of the reasons as to why William Hill is one of the best sports bookies out there.

Bovada: leading platform for NFL and US Sports

One of the best things about online sports betting is that you can make a selection on your preferred bookie. So, in the end, you can even choose Bovada. This is one of the newest sports betting platforms in the US market. It too has great features that players love – and this is the reason that these players use this platform – numbering in the thousands. So, what really does Bovada have to offer for the average sports betting fan?

Well, a lot of things. The pattern that we usually follow in the reviews is that we first get to talk about the bonuses. But to tell you the truth, there aren’t many bonuses you can get at Bovada. There are bonuses for the casino betting platform – but not so much for the sports betting platform. But still, you can get a welcome deposit-match bonus. You can get up to $250 as a bonus – depending on your initial deposit. The size of the deposit match is 50%. Aside from that, there is a huge Bitcoin welcome bonus that you can get here. The bonus can rise to the size of incredible 5,000 GBP. And you can get it with three consecutive deposits. There is a referral bonus too – you can get some money by referring some of your friends here. But other than the huge Bitcoin bonus – we really think that the promotional offer can’t offer anything substantial. Sure, the $250 comes in handy – but when you compare this bonus to some of the grand welcome bonuses at other bookies, then you will see that it’s not that big, to begin with.

Other than that, we have to mention the fact that this website is ergonomically organized in a great way. We didn’t have any issues when using it, whatsoever. We immediately learn how to use the intuitive interface available on the website. It’s easy to create an account and it’s even easier to begin using it. If you have any problems – you know the drill already. You can contact technical support as often as you would like until you get your problems solved.

And the website also features a wide sports coverage. You can bet on many different sports events from many different sports. And the odds are quite good, though. Given all we’ve said, we will recommend the use, in the end, of this platform. a nice welcome bonus

There was a ban up until recently on sports betting in the US, on a federal level. However, the ban was recently lifted by the Supreme Court. And this means that the individual states can now legalize sports betting. So, it’s no wonder that there are now many sports betting bookies that spring up. is one of them. This bookie quickly rose to prominence after it was created and it took a big portion of the market.

That being said, there are a few bonuses that you can come to expect that you will get on this platform. There are two big bonus rewards that you can get for NFL – the pick ‘em up and the survival contests. These are huge prizes that you will be rewarded with if you win. Other than these two bonuses, there are a few others. For one, you will get to have up to $50 of free betting money after you make your first mobile device bet. You can also get $25 for doing in-game live betting. You can get the same amount of $25 for using the player props software and place bets. Overall, we think that the promotions offer at is solid. It’s not one of the best – but it’s definitely up there. A few more bonuses and we believe that this will become a top bookie in this section.

There aren’t many sports that you can bet on – there are a dozen or so. However, the key most important and popular sports are covered. To this end, there is baseball, basketball, football, hockey, golf, soccer, tennis, and other sports. There is a wide coverage of events too – you can definitely expect to be able to bet on the more popular events of these sports. However, we do feel like will do well to invest some more in expanding the coverage of the various other sports and sports markets.

The technical aspects of the bookie and website are top-notch. The website is clear-cut and everything is available within immediate reach. It won’t take you a lot of time before you find your way on the website. So, we suggest that you spend some time at in order to learn how to operate it.

Lastly, if you have any issues – you can always contact the customer support team. They will be able to tell you all you will need to do in order to find your way and how exactly you can go about having a fantastic sports betting experience here. nice to try is one of the newest entries in the field of US sports betting bookies. That being said, you will find out that this website has all it takes to captivate your attention as a player. And there are multiple things that you will need to pay attention to.

First of all come the bonuses. This website features a big number of bonuses for the players – and they are quite big, too. One of the things that you can come to expect here is that you will get a 50% bonus on top of your cryptocurrency deposits. It’s a nice way to stimulate the players to start using the cryptos a bit more. Also, you’ll get a 50% deposit match bonus, up to $1,000. You will just need to use the promotional code “BOL1000” for this bonus to be granted to you – you can do this by writing the code in the appropriate field when you will make the deposit. If you enter the code “LIFEBONUS”, then you will get a 25% increase on top of your every consecutive deposit after your first one. And this time you will be able to get $25,000 for the Pick ‘Em Up and Survivor NFL contests.

That being said, this bookie doesn’t cover many sports, either. But you will still be able to find the basics – they aren’t going anywhere. So, you can bet on football, hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, and others. In this sense, this website doesn’t really differ much from some of the other entries on this list.

And we can pretty much say the same when it comes to the outstanding technical support service. As is the case with all the other sites that we have reviewed on this list – if you have any problems, then you can ask the technical support team for help. They will surely help you out with whatever you need. There are various deposit methods and withdrawals methods to be used on this website – and they are all safe and secure. You may have to wait for some of the withdrawals, though – but no more than a week or so. The deposits, on the other hand, will instantly be recognized by the website and you will be able to start using them on the games.

In conclusion

We hope that by now things have gotten a bit clearer to you in terms of the subject of the top US sports bookies. There are many other entries that you can look forward to finding on the market – but the aforementioned are some of the best. And given the fact that online sports betting is still a young sphere in the US, you can come to expect that there will be many other new sports bookies coming out in the near future. For now, you’re definitely armed with the proper knowledge as to where you can go and do some online sports betting if you happen to currently reside in the United States.

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