US Sportsbooks: A Detailed Insight into Maximum Payouts, Bet Limits & Wagering Requirements

The bookmakers are leaving no stone unturned to provide the best of Sportsbooks services to the bettors. This shows that they are ready for some serious business. Most of the punters are aware of the excellent online Sportsbook offers with the maximum payout.

With a pool of topmost bookmakers available online, it becomes a little difficult to choose that one that meets their needs. Still, the gamblers can opt for the best bookmakers as many of them can be waded out from the list. The reason being some have not corrected their promotions and odds, and other bookies have not improved their products. Let us now see the list of the top US Bookmakers that have set their payout limit daily, weekly or monthly for the following sports.*Here, William Hill and Bet365 only accept the punters from the UK.

Now, we are going to have a detailed look at the offers and promotions provided by these top US Bookmakers.

Twinspires: Acknowledge Top Limits for Horse Betting

The betting site is mainly the racebook site, but it offers odds and promotional offers on other famous games too. Twinspires stands amongst the popular bookmakers, but its focus is horse betting. The experts have searched about its payouts and odds to see if it fulfills the requirement of standing among the best Sportsbook.

  1. Racing: The Twinspires is the reputed name in horse racing betting. It is mainly related to the thoroughbred racing of the horses. It offers good wagering requirements, welcome bonuses, and other promotional offers for many famous racing events. These events include Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. The site provides full information about the upcoming events. It does not leave any event that makes it first choice amongst the bettors.

To take back home the good paycheck amount, the bettors can place the best bets and good handicap edges. They can also see and bet for the thoroughly bred horses, opt for the harness horse racing bets and the quarter-horse bets. Even there are many best events to bet upon and on the World-Famous Tracks as:

  • UK Yarmouth
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Del Mar Race Track
  • Keeneland Race Course
  • Saratoga Race Course
  • Hollywood Park and others

The availability of hundreds of race tracks where horse betting takes place and its coverage by the Twinspires has made to rate amongst the best horse racing betting sites. The bettors can pick from these numerous events and place their bets to win a good amount. The betting site Twinspires gives special attention to the winners on the leaderboard. After watching out the winners on the leaderboard, the payout is provided to them. It is given to the punters along with the types of incentives and greater packages offered with the racing game.

  1. Basketball: At Twinspires, the punters can bet upon the NCAA event for basketball. The maximum payout offered by this betting site is 1000,000 Elite points in the forms of the rewards. It is given to the bettors for making the right guess about the game. With every 1 win, the punters will get 1 point from the Twinspires.
  2. Baseball: If you are looking forward to playing at the Twinspires betting site, then Super Bowl is one of the most interesting championships for baseball. The bettors can check it out and stand a chance to earn a big amount of money. The site offers great payout percentage for the Baseball game. By making big wins in this game, the players can also get an access to the upcoming Kentucky Derby Event.

William Hill: Hold Your Breath as it is 1 Million

William Hill has gained momentum among the top bookmakers online. It is held high on the pedestal as it stands amongst the top-notch Sportsbook sites. It offers events and sports from across the globe as:

  1. Horse Racing: The William Hill offers to ice on the cake with the max payout of £1,000,000 on horse racing. They offer UK based and Irish races for the US bettors. For the free run, the site offers the best betting odds and stakes.
  2. Football: At William Hill, the punters receive free bets and offers on the International or American Football games. If you feel like earning more, there is ACCA insurance and World Cup season has made the punters to bet more on this site. To attract maximum bettors, the £2 million payout is great. The bettors who want to bet on the pre-match are offered with the site Accumulator winnings.
  3. Greyhound Racing: The excellent payout of nearly £500,000 can entice any punter to play at William Hill. Bettors can bet on the popular races like Crayford, Nottingham, Harlow, and Hove. The punters can even get a chance to watch the online dog derby.
  4. Tennis: The Grand Slams, other Tennis Tournaments, and the Championships held in the US are the ones that punters can find on the William Hill. Before betting, the bettors must check the Accumulator matches too. The reason being the payouts, bets and the odds of Accumulator matches vary from the normal ones. One can expect a payout of £100,000.
  5. Cricket: The site offers in-play betting options for this game to the punters. It offers a bet on varied events like top international matches, women’s internationals, one-day internationals, test matches, country matches, Caribbean Premier League, the Ashes, etc. The max payout provided is £ 250,000.
  6. Baseball: The Major Baseball events offered by the site are NPB and the Major League Baseball. The highest payout offered to the bettors is £ 250,000.

Bet365: Win £2 Million (the UK only)

The higher betting limits, interesting odds and higher betting limits enable Bet365 stands among the best bookmakers. The bettors can bet on the popular games offered by them:

  1. Football: The bettors receive a max payout of £2 million on the World Cup football event. Along with this, the punters can also stake on many small games like Golden Boots and many other events.
  2. Golf: The US bettors are more inclined towards the Golf tournaments like European, PGA tours and other World Cup tours. The punters can wager upon the lowest scores and the 18 holes that are quite thrilling. The world recognized events, and tournaments provide a maximum payout of £500,000 on Bet365.
  3. Horse Racing: The UK Derby events and championships are attracting the US punters. This makes Bet365 offer them best derby market. There is no compromise done on the betting odds, so bettors can opt for ‘go betting’ at the thoroughbreds or the exotic and even opt for handicap betting. For major events, the max payout is £1 million.
  4. American Football: The rise of Super Bowl has made the punters bet on many American Football events. Here, bettors can bet upon the in-play or the pre-match accumulator with greater stakes and immense thrill. The maximum payout offered at Bet365 is £500,000.
  5. Tennis: Many tennis events are equally popular in the US and the UK players. The Wimbledon, Challenger Series, Women’s Tennis Tournaments are a few. These championships are held throughout the year so punters have a chance to try their luck and get a huge payout of £500,000.
  6. Basketball: NBA is one of the lucrative betting markets because of the legends like Jordan and Co. The involvement of the thrill factor in NBA has made it the first choice of the bettors. Other tournaments include WNBA, U20 European Championship, China NBL, Australia Big V, etc. The highest offered payout is £500,000.

To wrap up, the online Sportsbook sites provide an insight of their max payouts, betting odds, promotional offers, and so on. Now, the bettors just have to make the right decision and pick the appropriate bookmaker that suits them.

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